Cobblestone pavers

add a distinctive

look to large paved

areas such as pool

decks and driveways. The cobblestone

paver's raised

surface adds to their quality appearance.

The large 5x8 stone

is available as a

stand-alone unit.


Brickstone pavers

are traditional and versatile. It is easy

to work with and

can be installed in

a number of different patterns including herringbone, running bond and basket

weave. Units are available with or

without a false joint.

Bishop's Hat

Bishop's Hat pavers

are a familiar shape

with a positive

reference. It creates boldness through

both size and form.

It works well where

large patterns will

help define the

outdoor space. Special order only.


Symmetry pavers adds personality to paved surfaces. Symmetry's unique combination of a

small square and a hexagon creates distinctive patterns that bring outdoor surfaces to life. Special order only.


Travertine has been used in building construction for thousands of years.

Today, Travertine

is used for flooring, facing on buildings, showers, counter

tops and wall



Plazastone’s strength

lies in its simplicity. Four different shapes

allow for a variety

of subtle patterns

and configurations, adding to the appeal

and versatility of Plazastone.


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